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      Finding a reliable asbestos testing professional in Mandurah

      It is important for people who plan to renovate their building to have it tested for asbestos. If the building in fact has asbestos, it may contaminate the entire environment because when a building is being demolished or renovated, the asbestos fibres included in the dust can become airborne and be inhaled by people in the building. So to control this situation, it becomes important for you to ask a professional such as the Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team to conduct asbestos testing to make sure that any renovation will not pose a risk.

      You can trust Asbestos Watch Mandurah for all your asbestos testing jobs. We are a specialised asbestos service provider in Mandurah for all testing and removals.

      We offer some special benefits for our clients who contact the Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team.

      • High-class services : Our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team are licensed and trusted asbestos professionals. As licensed service providers for the Mandurah region, we specialise in visual and testing identification of asbestos, in any location.
      • Free estimates : we provide asbestos testing at a very competitive price. We also provide a free quote for any removal work that may need to be done, helping you to price up your job.
      • Peace of mind : You will experience peace of mind after hiring our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team, as they will ensure your complete satisfaction.

      You can rest assured the quality of our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team’s work is always 100%, call for your free quote today!

      Asbestos Testing for Your Renovation Project

      Asbestos is hazardous when you disturb or remove it, which of course is highly likely during a renovation project. If you are planning to renovate your existing home or buying a new one, it is important to know whether it has hazardous materials like asbestos present. You have to be cautious about disturbing asbestos products in any building.

      Asbestos products will not cause any danger if they are fully intact encapsulation and untouched. However, during renovations there is a chance that asbestos will be disturbed and it may cause potential release of asbestos fibres to the air. Therefore, it is necessary to handle asbestos products carefully during the renovation. Cutting or breaking asbestos material can generate airborne fibres. The fibres are so small that they may be unseen to untrained eyes. Moreover, inhaling asbestos fibres can cause severe health issues, for instance mesothelioma, a life-threatening type of cancer that is caused by asbestos.

      Further, the presence of asbestos in a building can reduce its sale price up to 30%. But identifying its presence in your building is not an easy task unless you are a professionally trained removalist. 

      The following are reasons for hiring our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team for asbestos testing jobs before performing any renovation project:

      1. The ban on asbestos : In 2003, the Australian government banned the import, storage, supply, installation and reuse of asbestos for construction projects. Thus if you have a renovation or demolition project in mind, you should check for asbestos material in your building first to determine whether you need to remove it or not.
      2. Asbestos is dangerous : When asbestos was invented as a natural material with lots of capabilities including insulation, then it was thought to be very safe and used extensively for roofing and fencing in construction projects, as it also reduces the cost of construction to a great extent. But with time, its negative features were exposed. Today it has become labeled as a hazardous material, which can reduce the market value of any property. The harmful effects of this asbestos material have compelled people to hire professionals such as our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team who can handle friable and non-friable asbestos prior to demolishing or renovating.
      3. Skill and equipment : Complications in detecting the presence of this harmful material are among the other reasons for searching professional services related to asbestos. Our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team have all the equipment and know how to locate and test for asbestos content in your building.
      4. Strict regulations : Proper and safe disposal of this dangerous material is another important reason to hire a professional asbestos service provider. The debris containing asbestos cannot be disposed of as easily as any other types of waste materials.
      5. License : For handling dangerous materials like asbestos, the law permits licensed professionals only for the inspection, removal, and disposal of asbestos materials as can become quite dangerous for the people working or living in the vicinity.

      If you know that your property contains those life threatening material, don’t panic. Contact asbestos removal Mandurah to save the life of your family. Always be smart and be safe.

      Who can conduct the asbestos testing jobs?

      Our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team are licensed professionals who are also authorised for the safe disposal of the asbestos removed from a property.

      Testing gun for asbestos in Asbestos Watch Mandurah

      You can rest assured the quality of our Asbestos Testing Mandurah Team’s work is always 100%, call for your free quote today!

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